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When needy families include pets, too

When needy families include pets, too
Editorial, The Morning Call
March 31, 2009

A lot of people in the Lehigh Valley need help these days with the basics of life, including having enough to eat. Fortunately, there are programs and volunteers trying to help these families. But, when a family includes pets ... who helps them?

One admirable effort is the Animal Food Bank of the Lehigh Valley, based at Trinity Episcopal Church in Bethlehem. It helps those low-income families and individuals who are already struggling to feed themselves to keep caring for their animal companions. It also provides low-cost shots for animals and a lot of helpful pet-owner information, and it promotes the spaying and neutering of pets.

The volunteer staff distributes food to animal owners and to rescue shelters and humane societies throughout the area. Nearly 3,000 animals in the greater Lehigh Valley have been reached.

Overall, the goal is to keep pets and owners together when hard times arrive. The alternative, turning a beloved pet over to a shelter, is hardly an attractive one. So, this food bank keeps families together.

The Animal Food Bank always needs donations and volunteers. For ways to help, go online to or call 484-851-8000.


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