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Silly, furry, funky, soft caps for cancer patients

When Mother Laura Howell, rector of Trinity Bethlehem, took a call today (Wednesday, March 18) from a Denver hospital, she said she began hyperventilating. Her mother, who lives near Denver, has been dealing with cancer. "I couldn't imagine that getting a call from Cancer Services from her hospital could be anything but traumatic." she said. "On the contrary!"

Over the years, the people involved in the Crafting Your Prayers projects at Trinity Church, with others from around the Diocese of Bethlehem, "have made dozens and dozens of elegant or silly, furry, funky, soft caps for cancer patients who have lost their hair through chemo or radiation." The caps come with a little tag that says, "Made with prayers for your comfort and health."


Cancer Services at Exempla Lutheran Medical Center were calling Mother Laura to ask for more caps.  Because of the many caps already provided, they have become so popular in the Denver area that the Cancer Society wants the pattern, to be able to start local groups of cap-makers.

"What a testimony to the happy effect of the loving time and effort you folks here have spent," Mother Laura said. "Cancer Care at Exempla will send us a story about it, which I'll share with you all. In the meantime, get knitting! Or crocheting! I return to Denver in late May and would love to take a suitcase full with me."

She explained that the pattern is free and available online. Any eyelash yarn will do, as long as it is machine washable and doesn't have anything to scratch sensitive heads (like metallic threads). 

Feel free to call or send a note to Mother Laura if you have questions.

Here's a follow-up letter from Denver:

Rev. Laura,

Thank you so very much for the link to the chemo caps.  I have already forwarded on your information to our local American Cancer Society.

Your gifts of hand knitted caps always have arrived to us when we seem to need them the most (as it should be). This is the first time that I have reached out and asked for additional caps. Let me tell you, in case you are not aware of it. These hand knitted caps are a SMASH here. I work on the Oncology Unit here at Exempla Lutheran Medical Center, and the patients go goo-goo over them. As one patient said to me, "It sorta makes me think that I have some hair and it feels like my own hair". These caps are worn in all four season here. Most patients are really, really sick on our unit and to see them smile because their bald head is no longer the beacon as they feel it is. In short the caps give our patients confidence!

I also work in the Infusion Care Center, and when I give a person a chemo cap in the outpatient area, these ladies are ecstatic.  It's like jewelry to them, they want matching outfits.

God Bless the beautiful people of your church who bring smiles and happiness to strangers across the nation.

Thanks and I mean thank you from my heart to yours!


See the feature done by The Morning Call.


Sue Matheson

Thank you so much! The pattern is what I needed, as I am a terminal cancer patient and will not get my hair back. This will be a blessing. I will make some in fun colors, as well as natural hair colors!

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