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todaySpin - March 5, 2009

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(1) World Court issues arrest warrant for Sudan president. Read more at the Christian Science Monitor and BBC News ... and Desmond Tutu's Monday NYTimes OpEd.

(2) What's in the major newspapers today? Summary here.

(3) Spring forward, one hour ahead, this weekend.

(1) Does your church need a website. Canon Andy Gerns will work with the first two churches that apply to set up websites for them during Diocesan Training for Ministry.

(2) Ian Douglas to lecture in Bethlehem, March 26. Deadline to register is March 16. Find info here.

"I've experienced far more resistance and discrimination in the progressive community for being a Christian than I do in the Christian community for being a lesbian," says Katharine Hancock Ragsdale. She has been vicar of St. David's, Pepperell, MA for 14 years and is also executive director of Political Research Associates, a liberal think tank that monitors the intellectual and religious right. [See the Boston Globe story.]

(1) They like Jesus but not the church. More at ShareTheBread. and on Tuesday evenings at St. Andrew's Allentown

(2) Church shopping in America. More at ShareTheBread.

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The Archbishop of Canterbury reflects on Lent. The YouTube video may be accessed at EpiscopalCafe.

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