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todaySpin - March 4, 2009

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Ian Douglas to lecture in Bethlehem, March 26. Deadline to register is March 16. Find info here.

(1) Spring forward, one hour ahead, this weekend.

(2) What's in the major newspapers? Summary here.

(1) In a NYTimes OpEd, Desmond Tutu seeks justice in Sudan.

(2) The Diocese of Pennsylvania has asked a civil court to remove the Rev. David Moyer as rector of the Church of the Good Shepherd in Rosemont, and to declare the diocese as owner of the parish's property. Read more here.

(3) Ann Fontaine writes at Episcopal Cafe that the announcement of the election of the Rev. Kevin Thew Forrester as bishop of Northern Michigan, pending consents from a majority of Standing Committees and Bishops of the Episcopal Church, has created a stir in the blogosphere. The two questions about the election are about the process and about his participation in Zen meditation practices.

Pray for our young men and women who have died in Iraq and Afghanistan.

(1) The Episcopal Church Office of Communication invites videos for uploading on the new website IamEpiscopalian.org.  Since its launch on Ash Wednesday, IamEpiscopalian.org, a website where people share their stories, has experienced nearly 50,000 hits.

(2) Have you started your Unbinding the Gospel study in your parish? To help you in your study and in your work together, there's a new on-line community offering support, guidance, ideas and connection. Read more here.

(2) Tuesday evenings at St Andrew's, 1900 Pennsylvania Avenue, Allentown, March 3,9.16,23,30 April 7 –– 6:30-7 Soup and Salad Supper; 7-8 Program (They like Jesus, but not the church; culture's objection to Christianity) Admission: Free. More info here.

(1) Online with the Diocese of Bethlehem:
Diocesan Life: here.
The DioBeth website: here.
The newSpin blog: here.
Faith Formation News: here.
The ShareTheBread blog: here.
Life is Tasty, the youth ministry website: here.
AWE, the children's ministry website: here.
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(1) The Archbishop of Canterbury, Dr Rowan Williams, reflects on Lent as a time to: "Sweep and clean the room of our own minds and hearts so that the new life really may have room to come in and take over and transform us at Easter." The YouTube video may be accessed at EpiscopalCafe.

(2) Silence is way of opening ourselves to experience God, to hear the whisperings of the Spirit by seeking silence is a tried and true way to transform the heart. Read more here.

Within Christendom, we Anglicans represent a tradition in which liturgy implies  people's public activity, including both cultic or ritual life of communal worship and daily life and work as ministry. For Anglicans, therefore, the answer to the question "What is it to be an Anglican Christian?" is "Come, worship and minuster with us," that is join us in liturgy. Our styles of worship in diferent congregations may be quite diverse, but our substance and content are consistent. Other denomnations might initially invite inquirers to study Scripture or explore doctrinal teachings, but we would save these activities for later as aspects of our reflection on our experience of worship and ministry. [From "A People Called Episcopalians" by John H. Westerhoff]

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