todaySpin - Feb. 23, 2009
Reflections on Lent by Bishop Paul

Trip and Daniel in Kajo Keji

[Thanks to Jo Trepagnier for this info and the photos] The Rev. Daniel Gunn, rector of St. Stephens Pro Cathedral, Wilkes-Barre, and Trip Trepagnier, chair of the World Mission Committee of the Diocese of Bethlehem, are traveling in Kajo Keji this week. They landed Thursday February 19th and have been traveling around the diocese visiting schools, participating in a church opening, meeting with the Mother's Union and clergy and enjoying the fellowship of our brothers and sisters in Southern Sudan. They are staying on the site of the New Hope Bible College and very close to our first New Hope School in Romogi. Trip carried in solar radios; Daniel and Trip have been able to deliver many of the Christmas Gifts from Bethlehem to schools and churches.

Daniel will be training clergy on the Ash Wednesday liturgy and officiating at that service later this week. They do not have access to email but a couple brief phone calls make them seem tired and exhilarated and often in the middle of a whirlwind.

Below are two pictures of the delivery of the gifts to Kajo Keji: (1) A truck unloading sewing machines, chairs, water jugs, and tables, (2) Men putting the bikes together.

More pictures to come upon their return.

Gifts from DOB2

Assembling Bicycles2


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