todaySpin - Feb. 4, 2009
Finding room for the homeless in Bethlehem

todaySpin - Feb. 5, 2009

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(1) Reports on the meeting Primates, being held through tomorrow behind closed doors in Alexandria, Egypt, may be found here.

(2) Bennison loses appeal. An Episcopal Church panel upheld its decision to defrock the former Bishop of PA for covering up his brother's sexual assaults of a teenage girl in the 1970s. The AP reports "The special Court for the Trial of a Bishop rejected a request by Charles E. Bennison Jr. to reduce the sentence, but added that his ouster "does not alter the church's deep and abiding compassion" for him. The nine-person panel of bishops, priests and church members said it hoped the ruling would allow Bennison to seek "reconciliation and peace." Read the story here.

(3) Will this AP story about a Madoff tipster will get the visibility it deserves?

(4) What's in the major newspapers? Find a summary for today, yesterday.

(1) Sudn Archbishop Daniel Deng Bul appealed to his fellow primates yesterday saying that the Church in Sudan needs "urgent support for the work of relief, rehabilitation and resettlement." Read it here.

(2) Many charitable foundations and public agencies help the world’s poor, some with instantly recognizable names like Unicef or the Gates Foundation. But private companies with that as their sole focus are rare. Even the best-known is not remotely a household name: Vestergaard-Frandsen. Its products are in use in refugee camps and disaster areas all over the third world: PermaNet, a mosquito net impregnated with insecticide; ZeroFly, a tent tarp that kills flies; and the LifeStraw, a filter worn around the neck that makes filthy water safe to drink. More here.

Find Lenten ideas and resources for children, adults and parishes shared by Anne Kitch here. And find Anne's new and great-looking Faith Formation Newsletter here.

(1) Love strengthens the heart.

(1) The theories put forth by Charles Darwin in The Origin of Species rocked the scientific and religious world 150 years ago. Episcopal Life Weekly bulletin inserts for February 15 mark the 200th anniversary of the scientist's birth and outline his contributions to 20th and 21st-century ideas about God, creation and the beginnings of humankind. Bulletin inserts are available here.

(3) On Bill Moyers' Journal, PBS, Friday, February 6, 9:00pm: The life and legacy of Abraham Lincoln, the 16th U.S. president, is discussed with historian Eric Foner ("Our Lincoln: New Perspectives on Lincoln and his World"). Also: analysis of the week's news with NYU journalism professor Jay Rosen. View Bill Moyers' Journal site here.

(3) Find photos of Monday evening's ordination of five deacons here and here.

"No pet lover would feed a pet a steady diet of table scraps. It would weaken health, shorten life and possibly kill by choking. How many of us, though, nurture our closest relationships with leftovers?" [From "New Year's Resolutions for Lovers" in Bishop Paul Marshall's book "Messages in the Mall: Looking at Life in 600 Words or Less"]

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