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todaySpin - Feb. 2, 2009

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(1) Five deacons will be ordained for the Diocese of Bethlehem this evening, 7:00 p.m.,  at the Cathedral Church of the Nativity: Timothy Albright, Rebecca Cancelliere, Douglas Moyer, Christina Nord, and Wayne Sherrer.

(2) Bishop Paul: "I am grateful to have come through open-heart surgery and have begun the rehabilitation process.  As soon as a few other afflictions are attended to, I will return home from the hospital. I will be out of action until approximately May 1.  This means that Bishop Jack and Archdeacon Stringfellow will be constructing a new schedule designed to meet the needs of all parishes having need for confirmation or reception. It is a grief to me that I shall not be with you at the ordinations, chrism mass, and clergy days in March (EAM). Please give Bishop Jack all the support I have so valued as I have worked among you. It is beginning to me to seem that there is a Kairos even for unpleasant things, and I hope to share some of that with you when I see you again." [Sent to clergy and vestry officers on Saturday, Jan. 31]

(3) RC Diocese of Scranton will close many parishes over next three years.

(4) Narnia franchise saved.

(5) To add members, reduce pews.

(6) Marguerite Gressle, widow of the late Bishop of Bethlehem Lloyd Gressle, has moved to The Greens at Cannondale, 435 Danbury Road, Wilton, CT 06897.

(1) Our new Faith Formation News by Canon Anne Kitch. Check out the first issue here.

(2) Matthew Moretz, Episcopal You Tube Star, has a few thoughts on evangelism.

Once characterized once as America's premier secular religious writer, John Updike, 76, died last Tuesday. A native of Pennsylvania, he lived in Shillington, near Reading, until he was 25, then moved to the Boston area. A recent essay in the NYTimes described him as "America’s last true man of letters, an all-purpose writer and a custodian of literary culture. He wrote more, and in more different genres — stories, novels, poems, essays, reviews, occasional journalism — than anyone since Henry James, and it’s hard to imagine how he can be replaced."

I remember Updike reading two of his short stories during the satellite broadcast of the 1995 Trinity Institute, The Biblical Language for Relationships. His protagonists usually symbolized a spiritual poverty in contemporary American society, he said then, but the theme of spiritual emptiness should not be read as the triumph of despair. "It's true that I don't go out of my way to show lives that are edifying [but] you can write a depressing story that nevertheless ... has a redemptive quality. You can't write about the light without knowing the dark."

He began to worship as an Episcopalian in 1977.  According to a 2004 Washington Post story: Through the years, Updike nearly always attended church. In his autumn, he has become a regular at St. John's Episcopal Church in Beverly Farms [MA]. "The Episcopal church is a good place for a half-assed Lutheran to settle," he says. "I need the pinch of salt that religion gives." [Read much more at Episcopal Cafe.]

"Ritual is the enacting of our deepest truths, at a level where mere words will not do the job. Telling a little child that you love him or her is one thing; a hug and a kiss are quite another. Doing all three together, combining words and actions, is the stuff of ritual.  [From "Diversity Alone Kills: Patterns of Daily Action Make a People" in Bishop Paul Marshall's book "Messages in the Mall: Looking at Life in 600 Words or Less"]

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