todaySpin - Feb. 13, 2009
Cycles of Prayer.March

Speak Lord, your servant hears

Mother Gwendolyn-Jane Romeril has written the following poem/prayer to share with us.  She is fighting a systemic infection and asks for your prayers. She welcomes cards and emails, but please don't call, as she is resting. Visitors are not allowed.

Speak Lord, your servant hears

Here I am again, contemplating
my present condition.
"You are fighting the battle
of your life" the Dr. said.
"This is worse than cancer."

What could be worse than cancer?
I thought.
Fear grips me.
I need help.  God, give me your
Word.  From Isaiah, you speak.

"Surely it is God who saves me.
I will trust in Him and not be afraid."
becomes my mantra.  With God's help
I will not be afraid.

Pic lines and ports.  Infusions  galore.
I hold onto the image of Jesus as the
Vine.  I affirm I am a branch on the Vine
as they slice me open once  more.

What divine and tortuous ways
they devise to deliver massive
doses of drugs that are supposed
to cure me but do not.

Up the prayers and oil.
Bring on the  incense and Holy Food.
We want rainbows of hope and

St. Michael, be my companion.
Keep reminding me that our God
is a warrior!  I need the Big Guns now,
and in the days ahead.   Surround me
with angels.

  "Give me the joy of your saving help            
Again; and sustain me with your
bountiful spirit." Your words keep
coming as I need them, engraved on my
heart and brain.

My time is in your hand.  Once again,
I bow to your wisdom in sending me
deep into prayer.  Not only for myself,
but for your people.

Charles Whiston was right.
Intercessory prayer is necessary
Work.  It demands time and

 Commitmment I have – but how much
time do I have, Lord?  All I know is,
I'll use all my waking hours until you
call me home.

"The Lord is my stronghold and my sure
defense, and He will be my savior.
Therefore, you will (I will) draw water
with rejoicing from the springs of
Salvation."  A promise.

Speak Lord, your servant hears.

10 February, 2009
Mo. Gwendolyn-Jane Romeril  +


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