500 homeless students in the Allentown School District?
todaySpin - Feb. 28

Gulbransen Model E Electronic Organ, absolutely free

Absolutely free: A two keyboard Gulbransen Model E Electronic organ, 1960s vintage. All solid state except for the speaker amplifier. Has full bass pedals, not attached when photo was taken. Full repair and tuning manual included. In fair working order. Needs to be played to loosen up the keys and scrub the contacts. An electronics tinker's dream. If you love to putz with things, this is your wish come true. Free. First come, first served. One catch: You must have at least two large and strong friends to help move it out of my house. It has to go down a full flight of outside steps. My husband will help. [Deacon Sally Bosler, 610-689-9439; cell 610-858-2650]


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