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Still No Room For the Homeless in Bethlehem

todaySpin - Jan. 22, 2009

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Actually, yesterday's. Absolutely magnificent. Comments by Jim Naughton here, where you will also find links to the on-demand video and related reports.

The '60s are over. On the civic front, our new president -- no more Baby Boomer presidents -- was ten in 1970. On the religion front, a column in the current National Catholic Reporter notes that 75 percent of U.S. Roman Catholics have no direct memory of the Second Vatican Council and the "tumultuous era" of the '60s. "For all the discussion of the Tridentine rite, it remains largely an oddity ... Salvation outside the church? No one under 50 even thinks to ask the question. Limbo, meanwhile, means shimmying under a stick, not the fate of countless unbaptized babies ... Most of today's American Catholics absolutely understand that it is not a priest or bishop's job to tell them how to vote. Perhaps most dramatically, 96 percent of married American Catholic couples use birth-control methods at odds with church teaching. That figure is within a margin of error of complete unanimity." Read The Emerging Post, Post-Vatican II American Catholic here.

St. Luke's Hospital and Health Network is funding My Community Guide, a listing of nonprofit community events. It has both an online and a print presence (full page in The Morning Call on Wednesdays). If you have a hard copy of any Wednesday's Morning Call, look at the back page of section B. This seems to present a wonderful no-cost opportunity to advertise our events, including breakfasts, dinners, performances, speakers, benefit sales, recitals, flea markets, shows, etc. There's an easy registration process at its online presence and, then, a user-friendly way to submit events. My impression is that this is mainly for the Lehigh Valley, perhaps not.

(1) Bishop Robinson on the Daily Show. Watch the three-minute video here. Best exchange ... John Stewart: Washington was so crowded today, and you as a Bishop were doubly handicapped in that situation, only being able to move diagonally. Bishop Robinson: Jon, you have to understand there's a Queen on the board as well.

(2) The mantel in the Lewellis family room on Inauguration Day.
Inauguration Mantle 1a

Last fall, journalists and others began to notice a strange coincidence between the show "The West Wing" and then candidate and later president-elect Obama. NPR said, "it turns out to be less like a case of life imitating art. It's more like art imitating life." Read "Art imitating life imitating art" at AndrewPlus where fans of "The West Wing" will also enjoy a short video.

Pray for our young men and women who have died in Iraq and Afghanistan.

For those who take their spiritual journey seriously, it is important to stay connected with the community that gathers around word and sacrament. The odds are against our surviving the trip unless we regularly come to where we are welcomed, refreshed, reminded of the directions, and just plain encouraged to keep at it. Epiphany has a lovely complex of ideas: everybody is called, sent, and can be nourished along the way. It is our annual invitation to saddle up and risk the journey because we know who awaits us at its end. [From "Messages for Latecomers at the Manger" in Bishop Paul Marshall's book "Messages in the Mall: Looking at Life in 600 Words or Less"]

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