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todaySpin includes news and information for Episcopalians in the Diocese of Bethlehem, and some spin that may be of interest to us. Local. National. Worldwide. Please send suggestions for todaySpin to Bill Lewellis.


A summary of what's in the major newspapers today.

links to stories from the media that relate to the Episcopal Church.

HBO will do right by Bishop Robinson today at 11:30 p.m.

The '60s are over. More TK.

The Opinionator, a guide to the wide world of newspaper, magazine and Web opinion. 

Praise Song for the Day, video of yesterday's inaugural poem

Prayer surrounds Obama-Biden inauguration. Episcopal LIfe Online ...

These columns are an intentional minority report in my part of the country ... written to provide a polite but direct alternative to an extraordinarily conservative religious and political culture. They attempt to offer god news particularly to those who cannot identify with or who have begun to question that culture, in either its protestant or Roman Catholic manifestations ... attempting to reach those who think Christianity is irrelevant or anti-intellectual, and those who have been burned by rigorist religion. [Bishop Paul Marshall, in the preface of "Messages in the Mall: Looking at Life in 600 Words or Less"]

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