todaySpin - Jan. 23, 2009
todaySpin - Jan. 24, 2009

The Spin Cycle

Three speeds ... daily, weekly, and this blog.

For sprinters ... todaySpin is uploaded, almost daily, to the newSpin blog which you are now reading. Each time that happens, a link is posted on our interactive internet list, Bethlehem of Pa. Find the most recent issues here.

For joggers ... the newSpin newsletter is sent weekly (almost) to a large diocesan read-only list, some 1,000 email addresses. When that happens, it is uploaded also to this newSpin blog, and a link is posted on Bethlehem of Pa and on the BethlehemClergyNews list. Sample a newSpin newsletter here. If you want your address added to this list, let me know.

For slow and steady pacers ... newSpin, the blog, is what you are now reading. Bookmark If you aren't able to read the daily and the weekly spins when they arrive, catch up with the sprinters and joggers here.




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