todaySpin - Jan. 26, 2009
St. George's Nanticoke

Families and friends of Diocese of Bethlehem raised $16,600 for purchases of gifts during "12 Days of Christmas for Kajo Keji" project

[From Jo Trepagnier]

Families and friends of the Diocese of Bethlehem raised $16,600 toward purchases of gifts for our friends in the Diocese of Kajo Keji. This Christmas ingathering (based on the song The 12 Days of Christmas) allowed 150 U.S. families to buy items for Sudanese primary schools, the women's training center, clergy, churches and the local college. Most of the funds have been transferred to Sudan so that items can be purchased locally. Solar powered radios will be brought in from the United States in mid February by Kajo Keji's next Bethlehem visitors: Trip Trepagnier, Chair of the World Mission Committee, and the Rev. Daniel Gunn, rector of St. Stephen's Church Wilkes Bare and chair of the Northeastern PA portion of the New Hope Campaign.

The final count of gifts is:

                        Solar Lanterns              15
                        5 Gallon Water Jugs    118
                        Radios                          30
                        Bikes                            19
                        Yards of Fabric            164
                        Laying Hens                 120
                        Sewing Machines            26
                        Tables                           10
                        Soccer Balls                   20
                        Jump Ropes                   14
                        Plastic Chairs                 20
                        Basketballs                    12

Thank you all for your support. The World Mission Committee intends to continue this project next year with new items added with ongoing advice from our friends in Kajo Keji. Thanks to the women of St. Brigid's Church in Nazareth and the ECW for their ideas and support, to Norma Meyers for her artwork and vision for the project, to Jenifer Gamber for her ongoing sage advice, for Charlie Barebo for 'Keeping It Gangsta',  and to the members of the World Mission Committee.

We'll have new pictures of Sudan by the end of February which will include these purchases for an upcoming Diocesan Life and we would welcome an invitation to visit your church.

Jo Trepagnier

Find Background here.

The World Mission Committee thanks you for your ongoing support.


Dina Wani Luka

May God Bless you all and those who contribute to help people of Kaji Keji. This is my hometown. love you all may God keep you save until we meet someday.

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