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At Epiphany Glenburn.Momentous Time to be Marked by Prayer

[The following news was released by Church of the Epiphany, Glenburn]

Church of the Epiphany is planning to host a prayer vigil to mark 2009 Presidential Inauguration. Members of the Glenburn parish and the greater Clarks Summit community are invited to participate in a 24-hour prayer vigil, beginning at noon on Monday, January 19, and continuing through the ceremony on the south lawn of the White House. The event, which is being organized by lay members of the parish, calls attention to the critical importance of this transitional time and the challenges that face the nation and the world.

“This vigil is meant to be a spiritual exercise and not an endorsement of any political agenda,” says Mary-Jo Cliff, who is helping to spearhead the event. “We hope that many members of the parish and the community will spend time in worship and reflection at this critical juncture in the life of our country.”

Church of the Epiphany will be open from noon on Monday, January 19, through noon on Inauguration Day. Rector Craig Sweeney will conduct a brief opening and closing liturgy. Organizers hope to schedule at least two persons to keep watch in the sanctuary, changing every hour, even through the small hours of the morning. Others are encouraged to come to pray when they can, and stay as long as they are able. Many more may choose to participate from home. Vigil participants are invited to bring a copy of a scripture, reading, prayer, or visual image as a prayer prompt. These prompts will be gathered into a scrapbook which may be presented to the new President and his family.

Junior Warden Jody Post, co-organizer of the vigil says, “We are hoping that participants will take this time to pray for our country, our leaders, and those serving our nation in any way. Just as importantly we hope they will take time to pray for God’s guidance in how each of us can best support our country’s future and His will.”

For information, or to participate in the vigil, please contact the church office (563-1564) or cote@epix.net.

Church of the Epiphany, located at 1003 Church Hill Road in Dalton (Glenburn), is a part of the Episcopal Diocese of Bethlehem, the Rt. Rev. Paul V. Marshall, Bishop.


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