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12 Days of Christmas for Kajo Keji

Updated December 5 –– [From Jo Trepagnier] –– Thank you all for your continued support of this project. I thought you might be interested in seeing how many gifts the Diocese has collected so far.

Solar Lanterns 4; Water Jugs 61; Radios 4; Bikes 5; Fabric 74 yards; Hens 64; Sewing Machines 10; Tables 2; Soccer Balls 8; Jump Ropes 5; Plastic Chairs 7; Basketballs 2.

I expect to have one more major donation week and then we'll aim to transfer the amounts in mid December. Also, this week, we received 3 undesignated donations for $625, which will be very helpful in rounding out some of the purchases. Some of the gifts, like the sports equipment, were intended to be one for each school or archdeaconry, so the cash will be very helpful.

Thanks to all. If you have been waiting to send in your donation, this would be a great week.

Updated November 25 –– [From Jo Trepagnier] You may download below two possible bulletin inserts advertising the 12 Days of Christmas Gifts for Kajo Keji program and I hope that you can help support this effort. The inserts are similar but just two different sizes, the larger size includes the 12 days of Christmas song – I’ve seen stoic adults giggle their way through this song.

Download bulletin_insert_kk_xmas_8x11_doc.pdf

Download twelve_days_of_christmas_for_kajo_keji_doc.pdf

The funds for these items will be sent to Sudan in mid-December so that purchases (for the most part) can be made by Christmas. Many of these items: bike, water jugs, sports equipment, table & chairs - support the schools. I’m particularly moved by the fabric purchase and sewing machines. Women will learn to sew, using this fabric and the end result will be uniforms for children. We hope to purchase enough solar lights and wind-up radios for each church. And the chickens will make a big difference to their diet and pocket book.

If you could use this information for a newsletter or a bulletin board, please do. I’d be glad to talk to any parish about implementation ideas; don’t forget your Sunday Schools!


[November 25 update]

The Diocese's project for collecting donations toward gifts for Kajo Keji is about half way through. We intend to transfer the funds in mid December allowing many of the purchases to be made in Africa.

I have been surprised to see that some of our donors are from outside our diocese with no real connection to us. Linda Lingner, St. Matthew's Church in Baltimore writes: "....I became obsessed with the ideas of providing a sewing machine for Kajo Keji, Sudan. Some leftover message from the Presidential campaign told me that yes, I could take on one more project. So I rolled a bunch of state quarters and shuffled a few more dollars until with great joy - Yes, I CAN provide a sewing machine for Kajio Keji, Sudan. I think all the items listed should bring much needed help to that area and congratulatee your Bishop and others for their humanitarian efforts. You are great croutonns in the salad bowl of life and faith."

As of November 24, our gifts will include: Solar lanterns  2, Water Jugs  42, Radio  0, Bike  4, Yards of Fabric  33, Laying Hens  36, Sewing Machines  7 , Table 2, Soccer Balls 5, Jump Rope 4, Plastic Chairs 4 ,Basketballs  2

I'd like to address two questions I've been asked.

Why do they need a radio? The county has just put in an FM radio tower and on the November trip, Charlie and Howard took along an LL Bean wind-up radio (and flashlight) to test. It worked great and was immediately a hit with all. The radio would be used as an evangelism tool: church music and sermons and also as emergency communications. On my first rip to Sudan, there was a meningitis outbreak and we talked about how radios could really help let villages know of the emergency.

Why are the costs of the sports equipmentt so high?
We were also surprised at these prices and before putting the donor sheets together we asked again. Even with the cost of freight they seemed high. When we went back to our school contacts (this equipment will go to primary schools) it became clear that the requests were for very sturdy equipment that could sustain lots of use (one or two balls for 400 kids gets a lot of use).

The World Mission Committee thanks you for your ongoing support. If any church or person is looking for a donor sheet, please contact me at Jo.Trepagnier@gmail.com or download from the Diocesan web site.

Jo Trepagnier
Church of the Mediator
Mercy, peace and love be yours in abundance


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