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Being loved by people who are not like us

A Joint Pastoral Letter from Bishop Paul Marshall of the Diocese of Bethlehem and Bishop Anthony Poggo of the Diocese of Kajo Keji in Southern Sudan will be read at churches throughout the Diocese of Bethlehem on Sunday, September 7.

An excerpt: One of the gifts that the existence of differences in culture and outlook presents all of us is the experience of being loved by people who are not like us and who may not share all of our views on any number of subjects. The grace of learning to receive love from those who are not like us is a gift from God that awakens us to the depth of God’s own love in giving Jesus Christ for the salvation of the world. As we continue our vital work together, it is our prayer that the Holy Spirit will guide us into deeper levels of understanding, devotion, and dedication of the ministry our Lord has given to us in Kajo-Keji and Bethlehem.

Download the letter below.

Download 0809.pastoral letter.pdf


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