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Talbot Hall Grants

To the Clergy of the Diocese of Bethlehem
From the Archdeacon

Dear Sisters and Brothers,

The Mission Statement of Talbot Hall is to provide spiritual, emotional, educational, cultural, physical and social opportunities for children who may not have experienced these blessings.  This year the Fund will be awarding grants up to $5,000.00.

If your parish or diocesan organization has a program that meets the criteria of this statement, please fill out the attached grant application and return it to me no later than October 15, 2008.  Electronic applications are preferred.  Just answer the questions on the application and email it to me, and I shall distribute it to the Talbot Hall Committee.

Download 08TalbotHallApplication.doc

Download 08TalbotHallApplication.pdf

Download 08TalbotHallInstructions.doc

Download 08TalbotHallInstructions.pdf

The Committee will meet in late October to review all grant applications for 2009.  Applicants will be notified in writing as to the Committee’s decision.

Please feel free to contact me if further assistance is needed.

Howard Stringfellow


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