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EFM at the Cathedral, morning and evening

Money Isn't/Is Everything –– Workshop on Stewardship and Planned Giving

Under One Roof (the partnership of the parishes in the Northern Tier of the Diocese of Bethlehem) will offer a special workshop to explore the role that money plays in our daily lives and in our faith. The workshop is scheduled for late September (Sept. 20, from 9:30 to 2:00, at St. Paul's Montrose) in time to assist, guide, and resource parishes for their stewardship programs.

We live in a money-dominated culture. We are constantly told that the amount of money we earn determines who we are. We are promised that having more money will make us happy. Yet the relentless focus on money and accumulation of wealth can fill us with anxiety and self-doubt that rob us of the peace and contentment that Jesus promises in his Sermon on the Mount.

As Christians, we must wrestle with some of life’s most basic questions: How much money is enough? Who is master: my money or me? What do I truly rely on for security: money or God? By examining our beliefs about money, and what Jesus had to say about money and wealth, we can start to live in ways that are connected, passionate, meaningful, and -- most importantly -- free. We can learn how to help our communities of faith engage in the work of changing lives and challenging the status quo, just as our Lord did on this earth. We can participate in building the kingdom of God.

Join Dan Charney and Char Horst, Missioners for Stewardship and Development, respectively, in open and frank discussion about the meaning of money and its role in life and ministry. All are most welcome. There is no charge for this workshop. Lunch and refreshments are included. Please register by September 15 with Brenda Allen at St. Paul’s Montrose by phone 570-278-2954, or email. Please put UOR in the subject line.


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