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ChurchPost Training Sessions

To: Clergy, Parish Administrators, Parish Newsletter Editors
From: Bill Lewellis and Kat Lehman

The Diocese of Bethlehem will soon roll out ChurchPost for use by all parishes.

ChurchPost is a web-based and user-friendly solution that will empower parishes to create group email lists to communicate with parishioners generally and to communicate on separate lists with those members engaged or interested in specific ministries. It will enable parishes to create topical email groups that will be accessible to interested members from any computer while also allowing all parishioners, simply by signing up at a "Get Connected" box on the home page of the parish website, to have access to any or all groups that are created and made available publicly. It will also give parishes the ability not only to create quick text emails to post to the group but also (without any need for technical knowledge) to create professional-looking email notes and email newsletters by using colorful templates. Find more information about ChurchPost here.

ChurchPost's electronic newsletter function as well as its one-way group email described above will be provided free to all parishes within the Diocese of Bethlehem as part of the communication ministry of the diocesan community. Parishes that choose to add an interactive (two-way) function to their group email may work on a one-to-one basis directly with ChurchPost to add this at a cost of $50 per year.

Free training sessions for clergy, parish administrators and newsletter editors will be held on Friday, September 5, at the Cathedral Church of the Nativity, Bethlehem, and on Saturday, September 6, at St. Stephen's Pro-Cathedral, Wilkes-Barre. These sessions will be conducted by the creators of ChurchPost.

The schedule will be: (1) 8:30 sign-in, (2) 9:00 to 11:30 training for all, (3) 11:30 to 1:00 lunch on your own, (4) 1:00 to 2:00 questions specific to your needs, for those interested in more specialized use of ChurchPost and for those who want to raise questions arising from the morning presentations.

Please sign up here as soon as possible.

For more information please call (610-691-5655 x235; 800-358-5655 x235) or email Kat Lehman.


Bill and Kat

Bill Lewellis, Communication Minister/Editor (1986), Canon Theologian (1998)
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