Jubilate, Pentecost Season 2008
New Ministry/Carbondale and Forest City

A Brush with God -- Icon Painting Retreat

Peter Pearson, a well known iconographer, teacher of iconography and author of A Brush with God: An Icon Painting Workbook, will offer a five day icon painting retreat at the Fatima Renewal Center in Dalton, PA (near Scranton) from May 18 to May 23.

During this retreat the participants will gather for prayer several times a day, study various aspects of Byzantine iconography, and paint their own icon of Saint George and the Dragon from start to finish.

This is a beginner level experience and there is no requirement for prior artistic experience. The cost for the entire week is $500 (including room and board). Further information is available by contacting Peter at 412-848-2642 or by email at [email protected].

For nearly two thousand years, Christian believers have created images of Christ, the Virgin Mary, the saints and the angels to celebrate the ‘unseen cloud of witnesses’ which surrounds us and who behold the face of God at every moment. Today there is a renaissance of interest and attention being given to the icons of our faith. These curious and often exotic images have often been mistaken for crude folk art but they are so much more than that. Icons are meant to convey reality transfigured and glorified by God. They are intended to inspire faith, to comfort those in affliction and to challenge those who are too comfortable. Ultimately an icon comes forth from prayer and invites us to enter into the great silence of God as we gaze upon it so that we might become a bit more like those on whose images we look.


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