Debra Kissinger accepts position with Diocese of Indianapolis
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Workshop at Mediator Allentown

[From Maria Tjeltveit] The Way of Communion: Spiritually Minded Eating for Carnally Minded Americans, is a workshop offered at the Episcopal Church of the Mediator, on Friday and Saturday, February 15 and 16. It will be led by John and Mary Granger, who are Orthodox Christians. John is a member of the Orthodox Speakers Bureau, and writes and lectures extensively on Harry Potter. He grew up as an Episcopalian. Mary does therapeutic cooking for people with cancer and other health issues. They and their seven children are active in their Orthodox Church in Trenton, New Jersey. Please see the attachment for more details on this unusual workshop, which is very timely for those of us who embrace disciplines like fasting and frequent Communion during Lent. Call 610-434-0155 to register. Download more information below.

Download the_way_of_communion_seminar_outline.doc


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