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Palms and Ashes at Grace Montessori School

A Spiritual Journey in Recovery from Alcohol

By Anonymous

The great success of Alcoholics Anonymous is that it is a fellowship which provides a sense of family, connectedness and safety for those who desire to live sober lives. Not everyone makes it to AA, however, for a multitude of reasons. There is no judgment upon anyone regarding a resistance to that path of recovery.

Some of us in recovery from alcohol have had this very experience in our own lives. In light of this -- and yet realizing the power of fellowship for those with the common denominator of alcohol problems in our lives, whatever they are -- we decided to start an early morning non-AA affiliated group that meets twice a month. We wanted to open a new and meaningful way to discuss the God of our understanding. We know from experience that healing from alcohol, as with most things, requires a spiritual solution, and that God is the great healer. We also know that there are many paths that lead to the Road of Recovery……..

Please join us ...
What: A Spiritual Journey in Recovery
When: 1st and 3rd Wednesday mornings from 7:30 to 8:30 AM
Where: Fellowship Hall (side door), Trinity Episcopal Church, Market St., Bethlehem

Download more below.
href="">Download spiritual_journey_in_recovery_from_alcohol.pdf


Dixie D. White

I first heard about this group forming last fall, and was told it would be for women. I know of several women within easy walking distance of Trinity who would greatly appreciate such a group. Many recovering women experienced sexual, physical and/or emotional abuse, and cannot speak up in coed groups. I couldn't wait to make some referrals.
However, the Trinity Bethlehem January Newsletter article on this program included a statement that I found disturbing: "Total abstinence from alcohol is not required."
This is counterintuitive to me, from both professional and personal experience, as well as generally accepted policy for professionals in the field. For this reason, I cannot, in good conscience, refer people to this group.

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