Diocesan Life, November 2007
Celebration of the Life of Bishop Paul Jones

A Reason to Unite

This story by Michael Duck of The Morning Call was featured on the paper's front local page on Sunday, October 14.

It begins ... Most people don't even have shoes in Bishop Anthony Poggo's Anglican diocese in southern Sudan. His people in the Diocese of Kajo Keji struggle with hunger, malaria and the aftermath of a half-century of war. And these same people are saving Episcopal Bishop Paul V. Marshall of Bethlehem, along with his 16,000-member diocese here in Pennsylvania. "I don't know where our diocese would be without Kajo Keji ... We have been changed and mobilized by that connection," Marshall said Friday to Poggo and representatives from the Diocese of Bethlehem's 66 churches.

Download the story below.

Download 071014.MC.A reason to unite.pdf


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