Diocesan Convention 2007
Your Heart's Desire: Sex and Love in Jewish Literature

Visitation Schedule 2007-2008

Download below the 2007-2008 visitation schedule of Bishop Paul and Bishop Jack Croneberger and the visits of Archdeacon Stringfellow. Download visitation_schedule_20072008.pdf. Please note that specific dates for the Archdeacon's visits have not yet been determined. What appears on this schedule is simply an indication that the Archdeacon will visit some time before the Bishops' visitations.

We welcome Bishop Croneberger, retired diocesan of Newark, who will be sharing in the work of episcopal visitation. It is the hope that in 2008 he will be taking a larger role in our life. Elected Bishop Coadjutor of Newark in June, 1998, Bishop Croneberger was invested as Ninth Bishop of Newark in January, 2000, and served there until 2007. In April, 2005, citing the failing health of his wife, Marilyn, he notified the Diocese of his intention to call for a Special Convention for the election of the Tenth Bishop of Newark. Bishop and Mrs. Croneberger reside in the Reading area.


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