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The Reception of Donald Schaible as a priest of the Episcopal Church

On the feast of St. Peter and St. Paul, June 29, at St. John's Church, Palmerton, Bishop Paul received Donald Schaible as a priest of the Episcopal Church ... exactly eleven years after his own consecration to be the eighth Bishop of Bethlehem.

[From the sermon of Bill Lewellis] Don Schaible has wrestled with nuance and paradox. The transition from being a priest in the Roman Catholic Church, as was Don for some 14 years, to finding employment in a strange new world, to discovering one's baptismal ministry as a lay person in the Episcopal Church, to being received as a priest in the Episcopal Church is not a comfortably-paced and safe walk along a softly lit path.Believe me. Jesus' call, "Follow me," has not been, for this man a leisurely stroll under shade trees.

Download the sermon below.
Download 070629.Schaible reception.pdf

See photos, thanks to Deb Craig, here.



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