Ecumenical Work Week in New Orleans
Postcard Campaign for Fall

Diocesan Life.August 2007

Cover Page, Pages A2-5: The New Hope campaign, including Bishop Paul's column, "Bethlehem's Extra Mile," on page A2.

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Page A6: (1) Living a Baptized Life (Part 5 of 6) by Anne Kitch. (2) News with Spin

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Page A7: (1) Diocesan Calendar. (2) Cycles of Prayer. (3) Schedule for New Spin Lay Coordinator training.

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Page A8: (1) Don Schaible received as Episcopal priest. (2) Cathedral celebrates interim ministry of Rick Cluett ... and elects new dean. (3) Welcome, Bishop Croneberger. (4) Confirmations at Sayre. (5) Jennifer Martin and friend.

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