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newSpin 070530

The May 30 edition of newSpin includes the following items: 1. The Rev. Margaret Merrell, June 2 Memorial Service.  2. New dean at the Cathedral.  3. Priest-in-chage in Tunkhannock, 4. Corpus Christ regional celebration at Holy Cross, W-B.  5. First vows of Sister Patricia Michael Hauze.  6. June 27 Bishop's Day with Kids.  7. Summer hours at Diocesan house.  8. To bypass the initial voicemail at Diocesan House.   9. Social Ministries Committee.  10. The reception of Donald Schaible.  11. Post-Pentecost poster for our parish.  12. Info Tech Roundup.  13. An Invitation from Mt. Pocono. 14. SouthSide Film Festival.  15. Review of Amazing Grace.  16. Living in slavery in Sudan.  17.On the ordination of young adults.  18. Episcopal Life August edition will focus on Millennium Development Goals.  19. The spiritual cost of poverty.  20. June Diocesan Life.  21. Calendar and prayer cycles for June.  22. Parish Newsletters.  23. Are all your parishioners, including newcomers, receiving Diocesan Life.  24. In the News.  25. Yard Sale at Grace, Allentown.  26. Golf with Brigid.  27. Who are your delegates?  28. Become a world-renowned artist.  29. Back issues of newSpin.

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