They walked miles for abused children
Poster for the Pentecost Season

newSpin 070524

The May 24 edition of newSpin includes the following items: 1. The Rev. Margaret Merrell, June 2 Memorial Service, 2. Corpus Christ regional celebration at Holy Cross, W-B, 3. June 27 Bishop's Day with Kids, 4. Theres no such thing as doing prayer badly, 5. Bishop Anthony Poggo of Kajo Keji, 6. June Diocesan Life, 7. Calendar and prayyer cycle for June, 8. Parish Newsletters, 9. Give'til it hurts, 10. Are all your parishioners, including newcomers, receiving Diocesan Life, 11. Jubilate, 12. They walked miles for abused children, 13. In the News, 14. Making a difference, 15. Yard Sale at Grace, Allentown, 16. Who are your delegates, 17. Bulletin Insert for Pentecost, 18. Become a world-renowned artist, 19. A Guide to Religion and Politics, 20. Lambeth Conference 2008, 21. Decision on Lambeth invitations, 22. No reactive communications, please, 23. Conversations between people who disagree, 24. Images for your use, 25. Diocese to offer Worship leader Training, 26. Golf with Brigid. 27. Back issues of newSpin.

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