New York Times ad notes history and mission of Episcopal Church
Bishop's Day with Kids

Diocesan Life.June

Cover: They walked miles for abused children

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Pages 2-3: (1) "People who show up experience the body of Christ" is Bishop Paul's column. (2) Bishop's Day for Kids, June 27. (3) Where there is no vision, the people perish. [Our New Hope Capital Campaign, by Charlie Barebo]. (4) Providing generously for mission, by Dan Charney

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Pages 4-5: (1) ECW annual meeting. (2) Bishop's School in the fall. (3) Safeguarding Policies. (4) Cathedral gives it all away. (5) Mediator sends bikes to Kajo Keji. (6) St. Anne's, Trexlertown, seeks administrative assistant. (7) Jubilate: Hymnody for Pentecost 2007, May 27 to Nov. 25. (8) How $43,000 became $2 million in one year. (9) Golf with Brigid. (10) 250 show up for Health Fair. (11) Resignation of rector. (12) W-B to host Winchester Cathedral Choir of Men and Boys. (13) Following Jesus in a Culture of Fear, Scott Bader-Saye's new book. (14) Episcopal Church Caps. (15) Healing Mission in Hamlin. (16) Tears of humanity mingle with the blood of the Savior, A report to Bishop Paul by Chaplain Major Ira Houck.

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Page 6: (1) We visited five primary schools. News from Kajo Keji, by Randall Fegley. (2) Recognize, resist, repent, return. Living a Baptized Life by Anne Kitch

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Page 7: (1) Diocesan Calendar. (2) Cycle of Prayer. (3) Stay connected online ...

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Back Cover: (1)NYTimes ad notes Episcopal Church history and mission. (2) Margaret merrell was first woman to serve as rector in Diocese of Bethlehem. Memorial Service, June 2, Christ Church, Susquehanna, 11:00 a.m.

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