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Diocesan Life.March

Cover: Propellers on gravel, a two=room airport and a subsistence economy (Story and photos by Archdeacon Stringfellow) Pointers to stories inside this issue.

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Pages 2-3: Patient prophecy in an elevator (Bishop Paul's column). Prison Ministry -- with a twist (At Trinity Church, Carbondale). Many strands of ministry woven together (Confirmation at Trinity, Easton)

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Pages 4-5: Reflections on a Mission Trip to Kajo Keji (By Archdeacon Stringfellow and Jo Trepagnier). Diocesan ECW raised $20,000 for Kajo Keji ministries. The Bishop is Coming (a new book by Bishop Paul). Jean Snyder, R.I.P., ECW Annual Meeting, Quiet Day in Whitehall, Free website for your church, Walk a Mile, Sayre church visits mosque, Christian educators retreat, Jubilate, Regional Evangelism Workshops.

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Page 6: News from Kajo Keji, by Randall Fegley: Tribute to Bishop Manasseh. Father Ben Lentz retires after 16 years in Sayre. A Charitable Gift Annuity A gift that gives back.

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Page 7: Diocesan Calendar. Cycle of Prayer. Clergy and laity will take part in Chrism Mass.

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Back Cover: Bishop's Day with Youth -- Snowtubing, time with Bishop Paul, and a U2 Eucharist. Christophany in the Springtime: Schedule and application form.

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