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Area Episcopal Churches in global debate

Morning Call story, March 16, by Michael Duck

Those connections between members of the international body will continue, no matter what U.S. Episcopal or Anglican Communion leaders decide, Bishop Marshall said. "Relationships exist and grow on levels that institutions ... can abet, but can neither create nor destroy."

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Russell E. Snow, PhD

Years ago on LI,Bp Marshall was my seminary professor in Liturgics. I left the Episcopal Church because I could not accept the decisions of the General Convention. It seemed to me that this was the authority in the Episcopal Church and one either accepts it or one does not. We cannot have it both ways. As one on the outside looking in, and who still has great affection for my Episcopalian experience,and great respect for Bp. Marshall, I would tell those looking for leaders other than their own bishops to either stay in or get out. No one benefits from these conflicts. What did the battle of the 1928 prayer book and womens' ordination do for the Episcopal Church? Nothing. We us must stop to remember that all validly baptised persons are members of the One Holy and Apostolic Church and into the Mystical Body of Christ. Only time will tell whether the direction taken by the Episcopal Church is actually God's will or the will of man.

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