Holy Week Outreach
Christophany 2007

Snowtubing, time with Bishop Paul and a U2 Eucharist

On January 27, 7th to 12th graders from around the Diocese of Bethlehem participated in Bishop’s Day with Youth at Camelback Mountain and Christ Church, Stroudsburg. Download the story by teen participant Sophie Riemenschneider and see a few photos from the day. “Three cheers for those who developed the youth day,” wrote Canon Charles Cesaretti. “This was the first time that youth from St. Paul's, Montrose, have participated in a diocesan event, and they had a wonderful time. They were all aglow on Sunday [the day after the January 27 event], especially about the worship service. Kudos to Demery and all who planned the event, and worked hard to make it a success.  It was a winner. There is no joy like a group of teens excited and energized about a church event.  Count us in for the next event.”


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