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Prison Ministry -- with a twist

It was June 2006. Trinity Church in Carbondale was working on a search profile for a priest, dealing with financial problems, trying to fix a leaky roof which leaked and damaged the church office, working on getting a computer system up and running, as well as the day-to-day normal operations of a church.

All this was the workload of a novice vestry whose members had no prior experience in taking charge and running a church. It seemed like our plates were full. We could not handle anymore. Then came the rains.

After days of non-stop rain, the Lackawanna River, which flows through Carbondale across the street from Trinity Church, jumped its banks and began spilling over the church lawn. The police came to evacuate the building as the water rose. The river raged, picking up rocks, timber, and debris, and crashed through the ground level windows, spilling muddy water and debris into the basement.

After the flood waters receded and we were allowed into the church, an inspection revealed flood waters up to the first floor. A financially strapped church run mostly by women had a disaster on their hands. The task of cleanup was overwhelming.

Download Prison Ministry -- with twist, by Dawn Pentecost, clerk of the vestry at Trinity Church, Carbondale. She tells of their experience with a state correctional work release team who "helped us more than we can say."

Download prison_ministry_in_ne_pa.pdf


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