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Postcards and TV Ads

The Cathedral Church of the Nativity, Bethlehem, mailed two Christmas postcards to 4,200 area residents and is running a television advertisement during the three weeks leading up to Christmas Day. Total cost of this campaign is under $3,000. “The Cathedral has had over 50 new households (100 individuals) join our community over the past year,” says Jenifer Gamber. "Evangelism works." . “Evangelism works!”

Download christmas_postcard_2006a.pdf

Download christmas_postcard_2006b.pdf

Download christmas_tv_ad.2006.wmv

Trinity Church, Easton, mailed a Christmas postcard to every home in walking distance and households in the four zip codes they serve, as well as to their own parishioners.

Download trinity_easton_2006_christmas_mailer.pdf

I believe Jenifer Gamber of the Cathedral designed all the postcards.


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