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Church School Scholars Send International Holiday Gift

The children from St. Paul's Episcopal Church, Montrose, have been saving money for Christmas all fall, not for themselves --€” for a family in need. Along with bible lessons, the children have been studying about Heifer International, a non profit group dedicated to helping children and families around the world fight hunger and poverty with sustainable solutions.

Thanks to a special offering at Historic St. Matthew’s Church in Stevensville after their performance on December 3, the children are able to purchase a goat and a flock of hope, thereby helping two families in need.

One goat can produce enough milk each day to sustain a family and still have some left over to sell.

A Flock of Hope includes chicks, ducklings and goslings. These fowl grow up to produce many eggs which can continually improve a family’s health and prosperity. 

The money earned from both of these can allow families the opportunity to send children to school, buy necessary supplies, and even improve their homes.

The children have given health and hope to two families; they have received the understanding that helping others can be its own gift.

The Church School Scholars welcome you to Historic St. Paul'€™s Church,  at the corner of Church and Chestnut Streets on December 24, 5:00 pm, for a special Christmas Eve service. Come and grow.


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