Mission Trip to Sudan
In Montrose

Diocesan Life.January 2007

I've uploaded the January edition of Diocesan Life below. If you haven't received hard copy yet, it should be arriving in mail boxes soon. Each page has been uploaded separately so you can choose to download only the pages that may be of interest to you.

Page 1:The cover... Stay connected -- online with your diocesan community.

Download 070101a.pdf

Page 2-3: (1) The Standing Committee's explanation to the diocesan community of its decision not to consent to the election of Mark Lawrence as bishop of South Carolina. (2) From the flood and back by Charles Cesaretti.

Download 070102-3a.pdf

Page 4-5: (1) Five will make mission trip to Kajo Keji in January. (2) News from Kajo Keji by Randall Fegley. (3) A change in the order of the ordination process. (4) Bishop's School. (5) Regional Evangelism Workshops. (6) Daughters of the King lenten Retreat. (7) Almost Holy Water.

Download 070104-5a.pdf

Page 6: (1) Peacemeal's FreeSpace ministry receives social ministry grant. (2) Thanksgiving at North Parish. (3) Daniel Gunn's Big Dig at St. Stephen's, WilkesBarre. (4) Bishop's Day with Youth, January 27. (5) Youth Mission Tip to New Orleans, July 27 to August 4.

Download 070106a.pdf

Page 7: Calendar and Cycles of Prayer for January.

Download 070107a.pdf

Page 8: Happening #16, story and photos.

Download 070108a.pdf


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