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Urban Legend Quiz 2

U.S. space scientists have discovered a "lost day," one day of asgtral time that can't be accounted for. This confirms the account in Joshua 10: 12-13 of God's halting the sun in the sky for a day. Is this popular religious urban legend an amazing fact, or absolute baloney? Find out below.

False. NASA says no such discovery has been made. The story of the "lost day" was popularized in the 1974 Christian self-help book How to Live Like a King's Kid by Harold Hill, who had been president of the Curtis Engine Co., a NASA contractor. He also liked to repeat the tale in speeches to schoolchildren. Eventually, he admitted that he had no evidence. Still, he said, "My inability to furnish documentation of the 'missing day' incident in no way detracts from its authenticity."


Dr. Kara N. Slade

As a former NASA civil servant I almost lost my composure on reading this. No wonder we had problems with contractors! (Although I will say that the vast majority of contractors were not members of the Monster Raving Loony Party.)

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