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Regional Discernment Pilot Program

Many dioceses are finding that Regional Discernment Fellowships with standing members who have “charisms” or spiritual gifts in discernment are more helpful and authentic in assessing an aspirant’s fitness for and call to ministry. The Commission on Ministry, in consultation with the Bishop, has decided to test this type of discernment fellowship in the Diocese of Bethlehem. The RDFs would replace parish-based discernments.

Drawing on the experience and processes already in use around the Episcopal Church in dioceses that use this type of discernment fellowship, the COM is ready to begin a pilot program this fall.

You may know someone who has the gifts needed to serve in one of these groups. Perhaps you have the desired gifts. If so, please be in touch with Jane Teter.

Download the file below to read the article by T. Scott Allen on Regional Discernment.

Download regional_discernment_pilot_program_begins_in_the_diocese_of_bethlehem.pdf


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