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Jennifer Gamber, a parishioner at the Cathedral Church of the Nativity, Bethlehem, wrote My Faith My Life "to provide young people in the Episcopal Church the tools to embrace their full place within the Church. When I began working with Canon Kitch on confirmation three years ago, it became clear that there were few resources available to help teens understand the language of our church, its worship, history, sacraments and approach to the Bible. There are a numberr of wonderful relational-based curricula, which is the basis of our faith, but no guide for navigating the institution, the Church."

My Faith, My Life: A Teen's Guide to the Episcopal Church
($9.95, Morehouse, 2006) is an essential handbook for teens in the Episcopal Church -- and a great resource for confirmation classes, youth study groups and high shool Christian education programs.

The book serves as a guide to the Christian faith and the Episcopal Church, covering everythng from scripture, church history and sacraments to the meaning of prayer and ministry in the lives of real teens today.

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