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Evangelism/Marketing at Trinity Easton

This is an update on the progress on evangelism/marketing efforts at Trinity, Easton.

1. This postcard will be mailed within during the first week of September. It was designed by Woodyatt Associates (Richard Woodyatt is junior warden at the Cathedral. His group has done ad campaign work for the Cathedral and for Christ Church, Stroudsburg.)

Download trinity_easton_fall2006_postcard.pdf

The postcard will go to some 2400 households (A) in zip codes 18040 (Forks) and 18045 (Palmer) where there is a 25-44 year old adult homeowner and who have children 6-10 years old. (B) in zip codes 18042 (Easton, Wilson, Williams) and 08865 (Phillipsburg) as above, and where the occupants have owned their homes for five years or less. (C) to al
ll households in the carrier routes within walking distance to Trinity. (D) to all on the Citadel (parish newsletter) mailing list, as a reminder to Trinity's own members of the program year about to begin.
2. Three parking spaces will be reserved for newcomers and visitors near the best entrance for church, chapel and church school. Download a jpg file of the sign here.

Download newcomer_parking.jpg

3. Directional signs will be placed around the church property by September 8.

4. The Daughters of the King have completed the first iteration of the Welcome Bags for the back of the church. In the bags, among other items, will be Trinity Church pens and a welcome brochure.

5. The church has entered a contract with a new web host. Web site development has begun. The web host will be able to handle more features with crisper design, podcasts, the blog, e-commerce (for bookstore purchases and on-line contributions) and more. The expectation is that the new site will be up in October. In the meantime, key aspects of the old web-site will be updated regularly.


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