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Diocesan Life.September

I've uploaded the September edition of Diocesan Life here. It probably won't be arriving in snail mail boxes until the end of August or early September. I have uploaded each page as a unit in itself so you need download only the pages that seem of interest to you.

The cover photo is from the ordination to priesthood of Trula Louise Hollywood.

Download 060901.pdf


Page 2: Bishop Paul's column, Practice, Practice, Practice. "The churches -- conservative, liberal or in-between -- that actually do grow have energetic clergy who are committed to Jesus, who pray the Daily Office, and who lead by example. They visit the sick, feed the poor, and demand that the lay people in their parishes look beyond themselves. They are focused not on institutional survival or screeching ideology, but on following the Carpenter in practice. In practice."

Download 060902.pdf


Page 3: Mary Kisner's sermon from Trula's ordination (continued on page 5). The Emerging Church Learning Party in Wilkes-Barre on September 16. The dedication in Allentown, September 10, of the first Episcopal grade school in our diocese.

Download 060903.pdf


Page 4: Nick Knisely accepts call to Phoenix cathedral. Donna Trebilcox accepts call to the Diocese of Western Massachusetts. Cathy Bailey takes on UTO responsibility. Debra Kissinger on sabbatical. Diocesan Convention information. Social ministry grant. Children's Choir Festival at Cathedral. And more.

Download 060904.pdf


Page 5: Canon Ned Caum's farewell letter to the parishioners of Trinity, Athens. Cathedral takes on ad campaign via cable TV and postcards ... again. Happening #16. Safeguarding God's Children. Exhibit of vestments and fabric hangings at Baum School in Allentown. Continuation (from page 3) of Mary Kisner's sermon from Trula's ordination. And more.

Download 060905.pdf


Page 6: Char Horst joins Bishop's staff as missioner for development. Bishop and Recovery Commission urge Family Dinner Day participation. Bishop's School. Eduction for Ministry. Is the Episcopal Church Christian?

Download 060906.pdf


Page 7: Calendar and Cycles of Prayer for September.

Download 060907a.pdf


Page 8: A reflection on General Convention by deputy Bill Cauller of the Cathedral Church of the Nativity, Is this how the church must be governed? Barbara Crafton's column, The Geometry of Choice, on the strange business of ethics.

Download 060908.pdf


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