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Cathedral's Ad Campaign

The Cathedral Church of the Nativity, Bethlehem, will air a TV ad with a local tag 210 times over four weeks on local cable and will mail a similarly-themed postcard to over 4,000 local households inviting all to Cathedral's annual ministry fair (Nativityfest) on September 10.

The TV ad will run fo four weeks, leading up to the first day of Sunday School, September 17. The ad builds on the back-to-school season. The tag at the end of the commercial has the same image as the postcard mailing. The fall posters at the Cathedral entrances will also have a similar image for a coordinated advertising campaign.

This continues an advertising campaign begun last year that included three postcard mailings to the same 4,000+ households, 7 weeks of TV advertising and 1/4 page newspaper ads with other Lehigh Valley Episcopal Churches.

"Advertising works!" says Jenifer Gamber, a Cathedral parishioner who has coordinated the design and implementation of the campaign. "Last year the Cathedral had 120+ more people at each of the Christmas and Easter services and more than two dozen new families joined during the year.”

She says the postcard mailing costs $1,200. "The 30-second ad spots on cable (210 over 4 weeks) costs $1,900.

Download the postcard and a video of the TV ad below. The video file is at a low resolution to keep the file size manageable. What will appear on television will be crisp and clear. Even at that, however, please note that the video file below is a a 1.3MB download.

Download cathedral.Fall Postcard 2006.pdf

Download ccn_fall_2006.wmv


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