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Myths/Facts of General Convention

The 2006 General Convention Deputation of the Diocese of Southeast  Florida has put together
15 Myths/Facts of General Convention. See three below. The pdf file below those includes all 15. This file (along with the bulletin inserts available from Episcopal News Service) will provide helpful background information for parishioners. Permission to use has been granted by Southeast Florida.

Myth: General Convention Deputies are delegates representing the diocese.
Fact: General Convention Deputies are deputies not delegates. They represent a
diocese, but are deputized to make educated voting decisions not based on a
constituency in their diocese, but based on their prayerful consideration of each
question and issue and the dictates of their conscience.

Myth: The Episcopal Church has not complied with the Windsor Report.
Fact: The Episcopal Church has complied with more of the recommendations of the
Windsor Report than any other branch of the communion.

Myth: The 38 Primates are the authority of the Anglican Communion.
Fact: The Primates are one instrument of unity in the Anglican Communion. While they
have some moral authority, they have no formal legislative or executive authority or
power over any part of the communion beyond their own individual provinces. The other
instruments of unity are The Archbishop of Canterbury, The Lambeth Conference and
the Anglican Consultative Council. None of these entities has formal "authority" or power over the provinces. Each province is fully autonomous and fully self-governing.

Download all 15 below.

Download myths-facts.pdf


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