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Both New and True

"Marshall does what few scholars ever really do: he tells us things that are both new and true, and he does this with authority, and not as the scribes. No one who wants truly to understand this crucial period of our history can do without this book.” That's the concluding paragraph of a review in The Anglican, October 2005, by Peter Eaton, dean of St. John's Cathedral, Denver, Colorado, of One, Catholic, and Apostolic: Samer Seabury and the Early Episcopal Church (Church Publishing, 2004) by Bishop Paul Marshall.

Download the entire review at

Download paul_marshalls_seabury.BookReview by Peter Eaton.pdf

When Richard J. Mammana, Jr. gave me permission to use the review on our electronic venues, he asked that I mention the Anglican Society website. Richard is the editor of The Anglican, (published by the Anglican Society) an editor at AnglicansOnline and the director of Project Canterbury.

Some of us remember Richard as a bright young parishioner at Christ Church, Stroudsburg. Having graduated from Columbia University he now lives in Stamford, CT, where he is still young and very bright. His articles and reviews have appeared in Sobornost, Anglican Theological Review, The Living Church, Touchstone and The Episcopal New Yorker.


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